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Fatimah Mahmood

In the name of Allah the most beneficent, the most merciful. My name is Fatimah and I am one of the founders of the Now Series. As a revert Muslim, it was important that I understood the prominence of Salah (prayer) in Islam. Now, as a mother to two beautiful little girls, I understand the importance of teaching our children and the next generation the prominence of Salah. From a young age, it is vital that parents/guardians/teacher are helping to facilitate children to familiarise themselves with the way in which Salah is conducted, the wordings of Salah, and how to instil Salah into their daily lives. I hope you find comfort in teaching your child something that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives in shaa Allah, and I hope your child enjoys the transition into this new phase towards independence.

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Salaam received the box and the contents in the box are fab! My daughter loved it and it is just perfect for a beginner in learning salah. May Allah swt reward you for creating such a beautiful gift. Love it and would recommend it to others too. Quality is good and friendly service from yourselves. Hope to see more products in the future In shaa Allah x


I absolutely loved the Salah boxes I purchased from you. Very unique and educational for our children. I would definitely recommend others to buy it too.
A real fantastic idea for the next generation. I definitely look forward to buy these as eid presents .

Shenaz Sheikh

I’ve had many experiences with a variety of salaah gift but I would say these specialist gifts provided by Now Series beats them all. I recommend these to all my friends and family.

Atif Mahmood

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