What is in the box?

Now It’s Time – Pen

Custom made with a magnetic lid to stick on to the fridge
Black ink
Available in blue and pink

Now It’s Time – Blue Musallah

Musallah Underneath
The NOW Musallah has a rubber base which sticks right on to carpet/ flooring.
No need to keep straightening the musallah for your child it sticks to the ground.

Musallah design
The musallah has a unique design of a mimbar giving that isolated feel to it which helps in concentration.

The Musallah is wipe able and washable which ensures it remains pure to pray on.

Now It’s Time – Pen – Salah book
Our salah book is one of a kind as it is one of the first to break down salah into days. We have broken salah across 43 days and have tried our best to use appropriate translation befitting its age group

Key features
It helps the children and parents remember salah words with the translation which enhances the focus in Salah

Now It’s Time – Pen – Blue Topi
Customised blue hats made with cotton by our finest tailor

Now It’s Time – Pen – Reward Chart
A5 size magnetic reward chart that stick to the fridge

Now It’s Time – Pen- Blue Tasbeeh Counter
Customised Tasbeeh counter which counts up to 1000