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Now series was set up in June 2019 with a mission to provide a gift box for each Fardh in Deen. We wanted to ensure all the key components and resources were included in this box hoping that this box can be used as a constant reminder with the words “ NOW ITS TIME” It was for this reason we started the now series with Salah and named it “ Now its time to pray” to constantly remind us firstly and our children of Salah.
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“ Now its time Hajj”
“ Now its time Ramadhan”
“ Now its time Zakah”

Why Us?

Many established businesses encourage children to pray through the means of books, interactive prayer mats, online resources, etc. Our product incorporates all and more; a unique box designed to equip your child with all of the essentials to learn how to pray. By incorporating our Learn Salah in 40 Days book, we hope to encourage parents/guardians/teachers to engage with their child to learn. Also available in different languages: French, German, Urdu, Bangla, and Afrikaans.

What’s inside?

Our Now it’s Time to Pray box is designed accordingly based on the child’s gender – a pink box for girls and a blue box for boys. Its contents equip children with all of the essential items to learn how to pray: prayer mat; tasbeeh (prayer beads); headscarf/prayer hat; our Now it’s Time to Pray book for the child and our Now it’s Time to Pray (Test Book) for parents/guardians/teachers.

Meet the Founders

In the name of Allah the most beneficent, the most merciful. My name is Fatimah and I am one of the founders of the Now Series. As a revert Muslim, it was important that I understood the prominence of Salah (prayer) in Islam. Now, as a mother to two beautiful little girls, I understand the importance of teaching our children and the next generation the prominence of Salah. From a young age, it is vital that parents/guardians/teacher are helping to facilitate children to familiarise themselves with the way in which Salah is conducted, the wordings of Salah, and how to instil Salah into their daily lives. I hope you find comfort in teaching your child something that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives in shaa Allah, and I hope your child enjoys the transition into this new phase towards independence

Atif Mahmood


In the name of Allah the most beneficent, the most merciful. Through the Now Series, we hope to provide Muslims with a simple service to aid their journey towards their faraaidh. We have begun with ‘Now it’s Time to Pray’ as we feel Salah is a neglected fardh within Muslim communities despite the fact that we will all be accountable for it on the day of resurrection. Our aim is to create a Now it’s Time… for every fardh

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